Hi! I’m MAK and I love to talk about books almost as much as I love to read them!

I rate books based on how I feel about them, not their literary value … though sometimes I try to take both into consideration. How I rate:

5 Stars- Absolutely loved the book!

4 Stars- Great book but maybe one or two things that stopped it from being a 5 star novel

3 Stars- It was okay. Not great, but not bad either

2 Stars- I didn’t like it but there were one or two redeemable qualities

1 Star- Absolutely hated the book

0 Stars- Didn’t not know what to rate or could not rate

I tend to become a little passionate in my reviews, and I might come off as strong and harsh, but I’m really very nice (I promise)!

You can contact me at thebookshopcafe99@gmail.com